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A specialised aeromedical examiner for your required medical documents

Every professional and recreational pilot needs an aeromedical examination, of course provided by an authorised aeromedical examiner. Various bad medical conditions influence the safety of flights in many different ways and therefore it is self-evident that an aeromedical examiner must analyse a (future) pilot in an accurate way. Consequently, a medical examination is one of the important requirements for being allowed to independently fly an aircraft. The guidelines set up by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) formally ensure the safety of crew members and passengers of an aircraft. Sky Medical Center is the right organisation when you need an aeromedical examiner. Because this company is specifically specialised in aeromedical examination, you are ensured of an accurate result and all documents you need.

An efficient aeromedical examination

An aeromedical examiner validates, by performing a number of health checks, that you are medically capable of flying an aircraft. You are cleared to fly an aircraft (again) when you pass all the checks successfully. Despite the fact that an aeromedical examination must be carried out in detail, the medical examination from Sky Medical Center does not require complex and lengthy procedures. This means that you receive your medical certificate from your aeromedical examiner on the same day you passed the examination. At this organisation, you can register for an examination for, among others, the EASA Class 1, Class 2, LAPL or Cabin Crew aeromedical certificate.

The preparations of the Class 1 examination

It will take approximately four hours to complete the initial EASA aeromedical Class 1 examination. This includes, among others, a vision test and the registration of your medical history. When you know about some of your medical issues, it is import to inform your aeromedical examiner beforehand. In this way, the examination can be done efficiently and you can be correctly informed about the required documentation.


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