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Always look on the bright side of life with these sustainable sunglasses

If you are looking for small and simple ways to save the environment, start with taking a hard look in the mirror and deciding whether or not you want to preserve this planet for future generations! Living sustainable is not hard, have you ever wondered if there are more eco-friendly alternatives to your favorite pair of sunglasses? Most cheap sunglasses are made from plastics that are hard to recycle and form a real threat to the health of our planet. As they are not biodegradable, plastics remain to pollute the environment long after you have discarded them. Luckily, BEINGBAR has an amazing solution!

Awesome gear to make you feel on top of the world

Sustainable sunglasses – it may sound weird and unnecessary, but did you know that sunglasses are one of the most discarded fashion accessories? Making sure these sunglasses are made from sustainable materials, makes sure the sunglasses are easier to recycle. In turn, this means less waste and less pollution. Every product from BEINGBAR, from their eyewear to their bracelets, have been produced under the best working conditions. The core philosophy of this company is that the product should result in happiness throughout the entire product chain. Their true principles bring a happy feeling to their products, ensuring you feel and look good when wearing these sustainable sunglasses!

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