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Buy a heated circulating water bath from a specialist

Are you on the hunt for new laboratory equipment? Owning the right laboratory equipment is extremely important. Only then you can complete all your experiments. Purchase premium science lab equipment and supplies at Prolyse BV and you ensure yourself of the best quality. This company delivers laboratory products to companies in the Benelux. Think about companies in the analytical chemistry, process industry and mainly in the pharmaceutical- and life-science laboratories. One of the highly recommended products they sell, is the heated circulating water bath. It is a must-have in every laboratory. For all your laboratory’s liquid heating needs, they offer the right solution!

Almost 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs

When you are looking for a heated circulating water bath, you soon will find out that there are a lot off different versions of it. When you go to the web shop of Prolyse BV, you will find almost 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs! They offer circulating water baths from the brand PolyScience. They offer Calibration bath to full-featured circulating baths. But also a simple immersion circulator to economical Open Bath Systems to a full-featured heated circulating water bath with ramp and soak capabilities. The options are endless! Typical applications include warming of reagents and culture media, thawing or tempering samples, biological incubation and cell culture of enzyme assays. You can also control the temperature of laboratory equipment such as chromatography columns, viscometers, and densitometers. Besides that, they have working temperatures from ambient to +200⁰C and swivel 180-degree Rotating Controllers. Discover all the features on their web shop!

Quick service and excellent support

Do you need a heated circulating water bath for your laboratory? Order your heating circulator from Prolyse BV and enjoy their quick service and excellent support. They respond to requests quickly and are always available when you need our support. Even over two years after your purchase – after all, there is no cut-off point to our support.