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DIY painting

When you think of paint, the first thing that will pop into your mind is paint that you use to paint a room, or maybe the paint that you used when you were a child. But paint can be used in many other occasions. If you want to give something a touch up or if you want to change the look of something, it is very useful to paint it. In this article we will give some tips for Do It Yourself (DIY) projects that make use of paint.


The first project is painting your furniture. You do not always have to buy new furniture when you do not like it anymore or when it does not fit in the interior anymore. You can very easily paint furniture yourself! You can do this with a regular paint brush, but if you want to do it more efficiently, you should use an electric paintsprayer. This is the best paint sprayer for furniture.


Another project is to paint some pieces of decoration. For example, you can paint your plant pots to make sure they will match with the rest of your interior. Plant pots are typically a red/brown colour. You can choose to paint them in a completely different colour, but you can also paint it partially, by painting stripes, dots or other decorations. With this project you can be very creative.


The last project is to paint your clothes, yes really, that is possible! You can buy special paint for clothing, which you can put into your washing machine. All the clothes that you put in the washing machine at the same time will change into that colour. This is very useful when you have stains in your clothes, because then you do not have to throw them away and buy new ones anymore.