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Here you will find an open top container that fully meets your requirements

Use an open top container from Meeberg to transport your cargo that must be top-loaded. With the high-quality containers of this company, you can be sure of a safe, affordable and efficient transportation. The wide range of open top containers makes it possible to choose the most suitable containers for your cargo, especially because this company offers a tailor-made solution to every customer. Because of the refurbished and rebuilt containers, which are also included in the container selection of Meeberg, it is possible to make the transportation as affordable as possible. When you are searching for containers which are for rental, instead of for sale, then Meeberg is also the company to work with. The experienced staff is always happy to give you the best advice.

Choose for a standard open top or High Cube container

Larger cargo can perfectly be transported in an open top container. Meeberg offers, besides the standard height containers, High Cube containers in two different sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. This High Cube container is slightly taller than a regular open top container, namely 2,55 meter instead of 2,25 meter. Moreover, every container is delivered with a 30 months CSC certificate, issued by DNV GL. When you need an open top container that fully meets your specific requirements, the rebuilt containers from Meeberg, which include the same required certificates, are the perfect choice.

The same complete service when you purchase a tankcontainer

Are you looking for a tankcontainer for other types of cargo? Then you have found the right provider as well. The specialists of Meeberg come up with a solution by accurately establishing the capacity of the tankcontainer and product(s) to be transported with the tank. This includes a technical drawing and specification sheet. A tankcontainer can also be customized with your logo or company color. Thanks to the broad network of Meeberg, the delivery of your containers can be arranged by train, truck or boat. You also take advantage of a door to door service with the lease or purchase of your equipment.