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Reusing water

Everybody is talking about it: we are using too much water. At first you think is this really such a big problem? Yes it is! All over the world there is a lot of waste water that has been affected by human use.

In every household we produce a lot of waste water: flush toilets, sinks, dishwasher, washing machines, bath tubs and showers. If you flush the toilet, you are using 6 litres water at once.

There will be a time that the water is out of stock. But there are a lot of upcoming solutions for this problem. For example, it is very simple to turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. And you can take your shower for a shorter time.

But it is also possible to buy a water pump. This is a pump which sucks ground water and store it in a basin or underground. You can use this water when you need it. For example, garden irrigation, flowers and trees in your garden. Or when you are tanning and it is becoming very hot, you can cool down. You can use this water also to flush your toilet, was basins of washing machines. This water is not suitable to drink, but you can use this for a lot of other things. It is also possible to heat up the water with a boiler. If you use a water pump, you help preventing carbon dioxide expelling into the air. Because you are re-using materials given by nature.

Re-using the water stops the problem that once the water will be out of stock. Certainly everyone will have to make their contribution so that a fair solution can be reached. You can take a look at waterpump.co.uk for all the options how you can reduce your water usage. And you can read how does a water pump work?