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Solve your tree planting issues with a bioretention system

Planting trees in urban areas is often a significant challenge for tree planting companies. Having to take extant infrastructure and underground utilities into consideration heavily stymies their available range of options. Not without good reason, of course; damage to these utilities endangers or inconveniences thousands of people in an densely populated urban area. However, when trees are allocated enough space for root growth they can die prematurely. Not being able to spread their roots wide enough means they cannot absorb the necessary amount of water to survive. To help tree planting companies plant and care for trees in urban spaces, Treebuilders provides solutions that solve common problems encountered in urban ecology. Their bioretention system is but one of their revolutionary innovations.

Bioretention systems; easily prevent water runoff in cities

Handling storm water runoff is a severe issue for many tree planting companies. The limited amount of greenage and few permeable surfaces in urban areas make effective water management there a very difficult task. Should the area also encounter heavy rainfall, urban water management becomes all but impossible. The resulting increase in water balance results in a catastrophic discharge of waste water from present sewage systems, which remains in place if there is little to no option for water runoff. Protecting trees during droughts and preventing floods, bioretention system installations are also the perfect solution to water runoff problems.

Choose from many available solutions

Treebuilders provides more solutions to tree building companies than just their bioretention system. To give but one example, their ‘sandwich construction’ is a pressure-spreading system that keeps soil from compacting, freeing up underground space for root growth. The experts at Treebuilders are at your disposal to discuss what can be accomplished in your specific urban area. They will also happily answer any and all questions that you might have about their technologies. Want to get your tree planting project started just right? Then reach out to this innovative company today!