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The double A battery is a reliable energy source for household items

There will not be a household in the United Kingdom where you cannot find a double A battery. These batteries are one of the most common batteries all around the world and are applied in numerous items. Think about the alarm clock next to your bed that wakes you up in the morning, the remote control you use to zap every possible challenge on the telly or the favourite toys of your children that keep them sweet as honey at all times. Saying that the double A battery is commonly used, is an understatement.

Make sure you get the best price when you buy batteries

With the wide applicability of the double A battery, it is rather convenient to have some in stock at home. Batteries are the typical household item you always forget when doing errands. 100%PeakPower comes to the rescue! They have different pack sizes of the double A battery available so you can buy as much as you need – extremely confident when you like to have some in stock at home or at work. In the online shop of 100%PeakPower you will find four pack sizes. The price per battery becomes lower as the pack size increases. Respectively, the prices per battery are as follows:

  • Pack size 4 (£2.50): £0.62 per battery
  • Pack size 20 (£5.99): £0.30 per battery
  • Pack size 40 (£8.99): £0.22 per battery
  • Pack size 100 (£14.99): £0.15 per battery

As you can see, the bigger the package you buy, the better the price you pay. The 100 pack size is especially convenient for (home) offices, kindergartens and bigger households with multiple children.

Lots of advantages when ordering your batteries

Do you need a new package with the double A battery in it? 100%PeakPower is at your service! Order your products before 3pm and get them delivered the very next day. Is your order over £15.00? Then delivery costs are free! If the batteries are incorrect or you find that they malfunction in any sort of way, you are allowed a free return of the double A battery.