Toxicologic pathology by this company

This company has respect to the use, originating from the Pharmaceutical Industry and chemical products from the Chemical Industry. The experience of the user should be positive and the negative effects should be as slight as possible.Decrease health risk and get in touch with Global Pathology Support. In order to ascertain the effects, toxicological research is carried out by this company. The aim of the research into the toxicity of substances is to prevent illness by establishing limiting values below which the health risk is negligible or non-existent. Interested in more information about toxicologic pathology? Please feel free to get in touch.

Assessing the safety by toxicologic pathology

The (toxicologic) pathologist plays a key role in assessing the safety of vaccines and chemicals. With the REACH law (EC 1907/2006) set into force on 01 June, 2007, the impact on health and environment nowadays needs additional chemical safety testing. REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) legislation requires pathology expertise in both acute- and repeated dose toxicity testing. GPS meets all the proper requirements for good safety evaluation of chemicals under investigation and does this according to the OECD-Guidelines in a GLP-compliant way. This company is happy to provide you with more information about toxicologic pathology.

The use of conventional toxicology studies with pathology

The use of conventional toxicologic studies with pathology is usually sufficient to predict important adverse affects and to support the safe use in clinical trials. Did you know that research also pointed out that overall, true positive concordance rate (sensitivity) is about 70% with 30% of human toxicities not predicted by safety pharmacology or conventional toxicity studies? Over- and underprediction using animal toxicity also occurs. Therefore, one needs to consider the species, organ, anatomy, histology and class under investigation in combination with possible other organ systems involved, organ weight changes, hematology. Please contact this company without obligation.