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In 2020, a survey was carried out on the online shopping frequency of Italians digital consumers according to the results from the survey conducted, 80 per cent of the respondents said that they shop online at least once a month. Times have changed and, by now, many purchasing options for each type of product have moved into the IT world.

It’s no news that Italy is known for its shopping heritage. With the advent of the pandemic and lockdowns, going out to go to a crowded shopping centre does not make us feel comfortable, but makes us feel threatened, so shopping online is a welcome development.

Here, we are going to give a list of some of the best online stores in Italy, what they offer and reasons you could adopt them. Here is a list of some of the shopping sites in Italy:


La Redoute is another popular eCommerce site that you can find in Italy. This website has a lot of fashionable products that are suitable for all users. It has some fashion products, such as clothing and accessories for kids, women, babies, or men. There are some popular brands in the fashion industry, such as Anne Weyburn, Laura Clement, Adidas, Pepe, Nike, and some other popular brands. They seem to offer a variety of quality products for customers to use.


If you love purchasing any beautiful and incredible shoes online, this site could be an option for you. This website maintains to specialize in offering quality shoes for any gender and age. This online store has many different shoes that come from the latest fashion industry. There are more than 600 brands of shoes that are available on this website. All shoes are suitable for both kids and adults. You can choose any of your favourite products that you love from this site.


Pixmania is one of the most popular shopping sites in Italy today. This website sells different products from different categories, including home appliances, fashionable products, electronic products, and any other products. You can find any popular categories, such as smartphones, televisions, hard drives, sports cameras, and other interesting products. This website offers a money-back guarantee for all customers who want to purchase any products from this site.


There are many people who want to purchase electronic products online. Then EURONICS is an option. EURONICS is an Italian division of the European electronic store. It features some popular products, including Blu-Ray, DVD discs, music, movies, games, and any other popular products. When you visit this website, you can also find some of the latest news from the electronics industry.


Born as a shoe shop, Zalando now offers a huge range of clothes of different types and for all occasions. Zalando is one of the famous shopping portals that offer stylish and trendy garments, shoes, accessories and more.


BONPRIX is an online store, you can find women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, underwear and home furnishings. The BONPRIX product ranges comprise five established brands with each representing its own style world.


Shopping online is indeed an incredible experience, and also shopping from a great online shop makes it even more interesting. There are more to the list of famous online shopping sites in Italy, but for the purpose of this article, we only focused on the few we could mention.